PS Management to shape the future of sports management in Africa

PS Management to shape the future of sports management in Africa

Sport has become a global phenomenon due to its capacity to attract people of different nationalities, because of this a new Sports firm has been launched to sanitize and shape the current trends and future developments of players to ensure quality and innovation to football by providing exclusive services to top players, sports celebrities, clubs and sponsors in Africa.

Mr Owuraku Nsiah, one of the executive directors of PS Management Limited (PSML) during the launch of the Firm PSML, said African players will now heave a sigh of relief for the reason that PSML will manage both the sports career and the public image of professional footballers and coaches as well.

Mr Owuraku Nsiah, however, noted that PSML will also provide sponsorship and sports marketing consultancy to especially Ghanaian clubs and companies investing in sport.

Meeting with potential partners.

He reiterated that the Firm is managed by Ghanaians, however, their vision is to reach the whole of Africa but their local roots give them insight into how best to meet the needs of the sporting fraternity.

Mr Owuraku Nsiah said PSML will operate a dual office with one in Sunyani and the other in the United Kingdom to facilitate the smooth running of its operations in and outside Ghana.

Mr Owuraku Nsiah opines that the firm will as well offer sports services such as player development, transfer negotiations, contract renewals, legal advice and a host of other services, thereby avoiding clashes of multiple agents and managers.

The core interest of the firm is to make the development of players’ career from the grassroots to the top level achievable by assisting football talents to make the right choice for their future, taking the best out of every possible opportunity.

 Another area that Mr Owuraku Nsiah touched was the managerial services that will be provided for their clients such as managing directly the relationships with the clubs, sponsors, investors and other third parties thereby allowing the players to be focused on their sports performance

The firm promises to be a leading provider of marketing services in the football industry undertaking consultancy services to companies and clubs and as well as professional management of football players’ image rights. Brand activation and maximising the assets’ value is also an integral aspect of what they do. The company goes the extra mile by guarding their clients in transition from playing to either coaching or administration after the end of the playing career. This well-planned career path gives players a better life after football with sustainable employment and a regular income stream.

FSML is a full-service management company, which is built on integrity, passionate and productive professionals with a relentless pursuit of providing all that is possible for its clients, by an expert team of Licensed Intermediaries, Service Managers and Media experts providing a full suite of services for the modern footballer – from contract negotiations, through brand development, supporting families and beyond.

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